Machine-Armor Louga
Machine-Armor Louga game cover
Game cover


Kogado Studio


Kogado Studio


Kouji Matsuura


Nobuhiro Aga


Rieka Watanabe
Hiroyuki Shirokizawa


Hiroto Saitō
Taku Iwasaki
Kayoko Maeda


Machine-Armor Louga


PC Engine

Release date(s)

December 3, 1993 JAPAN
February 18, 2014 JAPAN (Project EGG)


War Simulation RPG


Single Player


Digital Download (Project EGG)

Machine-Armor Louga (Kisou Louga), known is a PC Engine game by Kogado Studio originally released on December 3rd, 1993 in Japan.


This work is a PC Engine CD-ROM 2 simulation game released on December 3, 1993. Players become Kumes warriors Weiss to protect the ruins of Vastool, and they will fight and defend Elena, a girl chased by foreign soldiers. The game is a turn-based simulation game, and the story progresses by alternately repeating the scenario and the intermission (animation scene).

There is a manufacturing system of armor as the charm unique to this work. It is capable of manufacturing and equipping weapons making full use of the original weapons, ores, and technical capabilities. There are swords, spears, bows, shields, armor, etc, and the characteristics of the weapons that appear are various. Creating a weapon according to tactics can be said to be one of the charms of this work. As another unique element, in the battle there are also Neo Tactical battle systems that participate in the unit that began fighting, a special mortal technique that can be used only once in a while, and so on, so that you can enjoy a realistic battle It is a characteristic feature.


Long ago as people talk as legends. An ancient civilization built by those who went down to his land. With the technique of magical science, it brought numerous miracles to the earth and the sea, and even to the point. He breathed life into the clod, changed the sea to the ground, invited the sky to the sky, and had nature as well. But the promised glory was not eternal. The magical science which I thought of many things as it led, therefore, led to the way of ruin, and they left several folk and disappeared ....



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